Tree Shurts


Amnesia Haze Original

Image of Amnesia Haze Original

Ultimately after your morning wake up and bake up, you realize that your cat is in the pantry, the tv is in the fridge and you are trying to light up your trees in a ladle with a unplugged blow dryer. This might be the point in time when you will want to recap what had happened last night. Obviously,there can only be one reason for all of these happenings; the Amnesia Haze!  Precisely one puff from these delicious flowers and you will be in a daze stemming from this reputable haze. The energized smoke particles can obscure your brain but also allow you to see the world so clear. So live in the moment, get faded and sedated, as you get lost in the clouds for hours! Commemorate your unforgettable amnestic session in your own special way! Unquestionably, you won't forget the Amnesia Haze!