The Story

The Story of Tree Shurts

It began as many nights in Upstate NY begin, with good friends and good trees. After much stimulation of the mind, the topic of exclusivity was introduced to our young treeative selves . We went back and forth on ways to bring this movement we enjoyed so much to the underground marketplace. The first draft was very simple; blow up a picture of our exclusive nuggets and print them on a shurt. The first Tree Shurt was born.

When it was worn around NYC, it got so much attention and inquiry that expansion and development became a necessity . After many more sessions of mind stimulation among friends and chronosseurs, we came up with a way to brand our favorite strains of cannabis on a t-shurt.

“Be Exclusive” started by only burning the finest on the planet and by bringing the culture into the fashion industry . This is a truly a collectible piece of clothing with a limited production.  We create a t-shurt with original, custom artwork inspired by a particular strain of cannabis. We only produce 420 prints of each design, also known as an original, which include a hemp label with it's own number of authenticity, as well as what we call "bud facts." Once these 420 originals are cashed, we clone them just like the growing process.

Be The Movement, Be Your Culture, Be Exclusive.

Peace and Trees.

Tree Shurts

Peace & Trees

Dank you for visiting We are a exclusive clothing brand that only produces 420 prints of the Original Tree Shurts.

We live by being TREEative with other artists and collaborating on collectible, wearable and original art..

We appreciate all the support and hope to see you at any events we attend. Lets all work together to spread Peace and Trees all over the Universe.